Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why does Master Roshi

Is that even possible? I mean for someones nose to bleed when they see nudity?

No. It's used to show an increase in blood flow.

Since getting an erection would be too explicit, they replace it with a nosebleed

Yup.... I don't think it really happens but you'll see it alot in many anime and manga... When someone sees something very sexy or erotic... Naruto has alot of nosebleeds... and the anime that I've seen which has the most nosebleeds is The Wallflower...

The girl has a fountain of blood coming out of her nose every time she sees these really handsome guys that she lives with...

there were even two nosebleed scenes in a live-action comedy series... the guy nosebleeds when he sees a guy [who is actually a girl but no one knows] dressed as a girl... and then imagining the same guy [who is actually a girl] in a swimsuit.... Hana Kimi

Ha ha.

It's a rather common occurance in animes. It's just a stereotype. It usually signifies excitement or if a person is aroused.

Basically, it means that person is thinking dirty thoughts.

i havent heard someone that got a nosebleed from nudity. but...lets face it...its funny when anyone in the anime does that when they see a naked chick. i agree that its a steriotype...and its a funny one too.

It's just an anime stereotype. It's not only Kame-Senin. The nosebleed is common in many anime.

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