Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does anyone agree that Full Metal Alchemist is the greatest anime ever made?

okay I cant get anyone to agree with me but if you stop and think of what the greatest anime is you think FMA. i would like some one to tell me what anime is the best besides FMA if you think about it Naruto DBZ Bleach One Piece dint really have very good story's like FMA does dont get me wrong they are amazing anime's but just mostly based on Action other than the storyline. the only anime that I can think of that even touches FMA is Death Note but that's only for people that can understand it lots of people wouldn't be able to take Death Note like They can FMA.

It is an amazing, super wonderful show! I love it, and I consider one of the best anime ever made.

Of course, it is ONE of the best. It is awesome, but there are shows that share/ will share its no. 1 spot.

It's still freaking awesome though!

No... just... no... You haven't seen all the anime out there, and quite frankly, though FMA is good, it is far from the best. It may be the best anime YOU have seen, but not ever.

Piece of advice, never use absolutes. It limits options...

Want proof of this? Just goto Anime News Network, and check out their encyclopedia, and just go through each letter.

Now if you can find all of those titles, and watch them. You can then make that decision.

HELLS YES IT IS!!! i mean it's so unique, who else has done something like that? it's just damn awesome! i love the characters too, it's funny because i can relate to his shortness xD. there's alot of good anime out there and in my personal opion this is one of those, but this si just my point of veiw, i'm sure other people's opions will differ.

woo can't wait for season 2 :D!!!

FMA ROX MY SOX ^-^!!!!!!!!

Well, while Fullmetal isn't in my Best Anime Ever Superstar Tag Team, I do agree, it's a very good anime. Well drawn, very nice story, likable characters... FMA is extremely good.

FMA is good but not the best ever, the anime in my opinion sorta sucked, if it stayed to the manga it would be possibly on top or near top.

well other people have different opinion theres not really any facts

well the only fact is that not everybody think FMA is the best

well i say no

um i dont really have a favorite its hard to make a favorite though

FMA is the best anime in my opinion. next is death note.

and for the people who says it sucks because it doesnt follow the manga. well thats a stupid reason to say it sucks. its fine the way it is.

i luv alots of anime but FMA is a pretty good anime, well next 2 Death Note atleast, cause i luvs Death Note!! XD

Death note #1 XD

I agree its good, but in my opinion Death Note is a better anime. It all depends on the person.

I disagree. I think Code Geass, Gundam Seed, Gundam 00 and D. Grayman is the best anime ever.

fma is a nice anime and i'm excited that they will make a second serie/season. but....dbz is my number 1 anime

Definitely NOT.

quite frankly, it sucked.

it was fairly good in comparison to other anime, but being based off the manga (which is at least 42x better) it was awful.

if you were arguing that Cowboy Bebop, or D Gray Man was the greatest anime ever, i might agree, but not FMA.

yes, it is better than a lot of it's mainstream competition seeing as it actually had a plot, but take it out of that mainstream genre and compare it with other shows and stories that also have real plots, and it just pales in comparison.

1- read the FMA manga.

2- watch more anime that isn't mainstream

then you shall understand the truth of my words

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