Saturday, March 28, 2009

Really funny!? 10 pts for best!?

K 4 guys are in the elevator,the elevator's door open and a woman enter in.She stand in front of the 4 guys.Suddenly some farting sounds just heard and all the guys stare at her.The woman was not looking at them.Then she took out his cell phone and answered.

What do u think the farting sound was from and why?

-The woman.

-The guys

-The cellphone

cellphone..that was her ringtone..

saw the vid on youtube..

it can be the cellphone or the woman but since you said sound instead of smell ( as sound of a real fart is not alays loud) then i would say it is the cellphone (the mobile's ringtone)

its either the cellphone or the woman... but i think its the woman, she just "answer" her phone so that the guys think it was her ringtone :D

That was the ring tone of her cellphone!!!.

cellphone thats it

ha? ok the woman.. so it wouldn't be obvious.. I've seen this trick in a movie!!

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