Saturday, March 28, 2009

I walked into a whole lot of trouble?

I walked down this alleyway into a building as i walked further on i saw this chair the chair turned around to reveal a bold headed man sitting there stroking a cat. He said "well well what a surprise" i said "What!?" he then said "don't play games with me sir i know you want to torture me" I stood there confused and said "What the hell are you talking about!?" He replied "Oh games now is it!? well i sure hope you don't beat me with those canes over there" I said "i don't want to beat you i must of took a wrong turn" he started slapping his face and rubbing his nipples. His cat looked at me like a gay man in a bar and started rubbing it's nipples as well!. i ran and ran and did not stop what the hell kind of place is that!?

Its is HELL for straight people!!

I have two theories:

1. That man is retarded.

2. You are the exact image (like a doppelganger) of someone who did some nasty stuff to him.

(His cat is also perverted...and so is he).

Okay - I'll put that into one theory.

He's a retarded pervert (with a perverted cat) who thinks you look like someone who did some nasty (read: kinky) stuff to him...only he was scared...

do you usually have this kind of dreams..?? it was a dream right? if not i think you are a bit confused with your sexuality... your brain is fighting

um and old man who thinks he's at a gay bar.

i dont know!

a gay bar(:

wake up its just a dream!!

Umm...I think it's time to wake up! :)

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