Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does anyone agree that Full Metal Alchemist is the greatest anime ever made?

okay I cant get anyone to agree with me but if you stop and think of what the greatest anime is you think FMA. i would like some one to tell me what anime is the best besides FMA if you think about it Naruto DBZ Bleach One Piece dint really have very good story's like FMA does dont get me wrong they are amazing anime's but just mostly based on Action other than the storyline. the only anime that I can think of that even touches FMA is Death Note but that's only for people that can understand it lots of people wouldn't be able to take Death Note like They can FMA.

It is an amazing, super wonderful show! I love it, and I consider one of the best anime ever made.

Of course, it is ONE of the best. It is awesome, but there are shows that share/ will share its no. 1 spot.

It's still freaking awesome though!

No... just... no... You haven't seen all the anime out there, and quite frankly, though FMA is good, it is far from the best. It may be the best anime YOU have seen, but not ever.

Piece of advice, never use absolutes. It limits options...

Want proof of this? Just goto Anime News Network, and check out their encyclopedia, and just go through each letter.

Now if you can find all of those titles, and watch them. You can then make that decision.

HELLS YES IT IS!!! i mean it's so unique, who else has done something like that? it's just damn awesome! i love the characters too, it's funny because i can relate to his shortness xD. there's alot of good anime out there and in my personal opion this is one of those, but this si just my point of veiw, i'm sure other people's opions will differ.

woo can't wait for season 2 :D!!!

FMA ROX MY SOX ^-^!!!!!!!!

Well, while Fullmetal isn't in my Best Anime Ever Superstar Tag Team, I do agree, it's a very good anime. Well drawn, very nice story, likable characters... FMA is extremely good.

FMA is good but not the best ever, the anime in my opinion sorta sucked, if it stayed to the manga it would be possibly on top or near top.

well other people have different opinion theres not really any facts

well the only fact is that not everybody think FMA is the best

well i say no

um i dont really have a favorite its hard to make a favorite though

FMA is the best anime in my opinion. next is death note.

and for the people who says it sucks because it doesnt follow the manga. well thats a stupid reason to say it sucks. its fine the way it is.

i luv alots of anime but FMA is a pretty good anime, well next 2 Death Note atleast, cause i luvs Death Note!! XD

Death note #1 XD

I agree its good, but in my opinion Death Note is a better anime. It all depends on the person.

I disagree. I think Code Geass, Gundam Seed, Gundam 00 and D. Grayman is the best anime ever.

fma is a nice anime and i'm excited that they will make a second serie/season. but....dbz is my number 1 anime

Definitely NOT.

quite frankly, it sucked.

it was fairly good in comparison to other anime, but being based off the manga (which is at least 42x better) it was awful.

if you were arguing that Cowboy Bebop, or D Gray Man was the greatest anime ever, i might agree, but not FMA.

yes, it is better than a lot of it's mainstream competition seeing as it actually had a plot, but take it out of that mainstream genre and compare it with other shows and stories that also have real plots, and it just pales in comparison.

1- read the FMA manga.

2- watch more anime that isn't mainstream

then you shall understand the truth of my words

Is there a cartoon you?

loved as a kid but watched it as an adult or teen and was surprised how bad it was?

Dora! XD

tensai bakabon


Yeah, Barney, Oh god. :S


no I liked them all still !

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya why did it stop?

i found this series a few days ago on youtube and have watched all the episodes but am now extremely dissapointed as at the last one i found as episode 13 it was no where near the end it was like just the beggining.

why was it stopped? it is such a good series.... also when was it made?

yh i was sad too but don't worry there is going to be a second season. the disappearance of Haruhi suzamiya. nobody's sure about when it's coming out. I heard that in the new one she is in diffrent school and ituski is with her.nobody rembers who haruhi is in her old school.she has long hair and diff shcool uniform. they say that she created a new world. can't wait to watch it

There is a 2nd season of the Haruhi Suzumiya series that is going to be called The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya.

There is no official release date of the series yet....

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya premiered around 2006.

There's a season 2 coming out and it started around 2006.

Thre is a season 2 coming out

I need a new anime! Can You help?

Hi. can someone recomend me a good anime. I've seen


-Full Metal Alchemist



-Death Note

I really liked these animes especially kuroshitsuji. If it's possible I want something kinda like these animes. But please don't reccomend Bleach. And try to avoid animes considered "shoujo." It really doesn't work for me. But I appreciate anything, bye!

Like Kuroshitsuji:



Jigoku Shoujo

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok


Like Loveless:

Descendants of Darkness



Papa to Kiss in the Dark

Junjou Romantica

Like Death Note:

Code Geass


Jigoku Shoujo


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Like Fullmetal Alchemist:


D. Gray man

Chrono Crusade

Busou Renkin

Like Naruto:

Hunter X Hunter

Dragon Ball Z

Flame of Recca

One Piece

Try these:

Black Cat


Code Geass

Eureka Seven

One Piece

The Prince of Tennis

Vampire Knight



Naruto Shippuden


Note> Some of these might be hard to find.

ergo proxy

cowboy bebop

code geass

code geass r2

soul eater


Samurai Champloo

Cowboy Bebop

Hajime no Ippo

Loveing Hina or Maburaho are grate... (not much actions but very funny) ummmm...Shakugun no Shana is nice too...

if you liked death note you might like code geass.

blood , vampire knight, vampire knight guilty. i don't know if those are shoujo though so sorry

full metal panic

u can watch more on panime.net

Can you be my hero.....?

do you believe in heros?

Yes I could be, because I am truly awe inspiring. No actually to an extent I believe in heroes, one could be heroic to a particular cause or persons but in other aspect could be a loser, a let down or a complete fiend and a horrible person. A cop could save the lives of 50 children and then rape someone a few hours later. Did he still commit a heroic act, yes but then he turned around and did something horrible.

Yesh who wouldnt i mean their superpowers are awsome and who else saves ppl :]


of course! :)


he is a an undercover hitman who knos both ninjutsu and israeli material arts, and also assasinates all evil for the Catholic Faith. He does this because he comes from the Vatican, and works for the Pope.

He is a combination of Batman and Van Helsing, Batman because he's mysterious, wear a suit, has high tech gadgets, and has a secret identidy. On the Van Helsing side however, he is very religious (Roman Catholic), and will do anything for his Faith no matter what. He has studied Theology, Philosophy, Humanities, Several Languages: Italian, French, Filipinno, Spanish, Latin, Portugese, Mandarin, Japanese, German, and Swiss. His main language is English because he was orginally from America. He was sent to the Swiss Military and was witnessed by a Cardinal. Once witnesed, he was asked to work for the Vatican, and he said yes. His main job is that he is the Chairman of a charity organization. but he gets a free home within the vatican since he works for them at night, lol! so hes rich lol! so wat should his superhero name be? jw.


Like the Holy Spirit in one of its forms.

Haha I know its tacky but just a thought.

Well, just use your imagination! :D

captain goodluckwiththat.

Need help creating super villain/hero?

We are doing a comic book for school and need to create an alter ego for ourselves. We have to come up with powers...what we look like...and personality. Any ideas for any of these topics would be appreciated thanks.

What are some of your interests? If you're a big pet person, you could make yourself have the ability to communicate with and control animals. If you like chemistry, have your character be able to control and transmutee elements. Etc, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can also use interests to come up with names. Ex. if you go with the pet lover thing, you could call yourself Animax. If you like the chemistry idea, call yourself Chemiculus or something.

As far as what you look like, well, costumes are a very creative department. Can't help you as much on that one!

What are Batman

i need to know them for a project, so if anyone could help hat would be appreciated.

bold, strong, confident, brave, strong-willed, helpful... ^_^ hope those help.


Pssh...come on. You can do better than that!

Best Cartoon ever made ?

Spongebob!!!!!LOL BIG FAN

I would go with the Classics.

-Looney Tunes

-Scooby Doo


-Tom and Jerry

-Mickey Mouse and Friends

-And some others I forgot to write down.

no cartoon anime & manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom and Jerry

is endless



Why do supervillians make is so hard to kill superheros.?

like the joker on the old batman show would slowly dip batman into acid...Why didn't he just kill him while he was tie-ing him up?

Well, because if the villian killed the Super Hero. Then there wouldn't be a reason why they still do the show. So if Batman died, then no more Batman Series.

Because if the heroes all die, then the point of the classic hero story, "good triumphs over evil", doesn't get across.

To savor his victory, I suppose. Also to make it more dramatic.

That's a goood question......Hmmmm.......

Adamantium and Wolverine?

Can anyone think of the most extreme force Adamantium has withstood? and more specifically, the hottest temperature?

It can withstand a nuclear bomb

Why does Master Roshi

Is that even possible? I mean for someones nose to bleed when they see nudity?

No. It's used to show an increase in blood flow.

Since getting an erection would be too explicit, they replace it with a nosebleed

Yup.... I don't think it really happens but you'll see it alot in many anime and manga... When someone sees something very sexy or erotic... Naruto has alot of nosebleeds... and the anime that I've seen which has the most nosebleeds is The Wallflower...

The girl has a fountain of blood coming out of her nose every time she sees these really handsome guys that she lives with...

there were even two nosebleed scenes in a live-action comedy series... the guy nosebleeds when he sees a guy [who is actually a girl but no one knows] dressed as a girl... and then imagining the same guy [who is actually a girl] in a swimsuit.... Hana Kimi

Ha ha.

It's a rather common occurance in animes. It's just a stereotype. It usually signifies excitement or if a person is aroused.

Basically, it means that person is thinking dirty thoughts.

i havent heard someone that got a nosebleed from nudity. but...lets face it...its funny when anyone in the anime does that when they see a naked chick. i agree that its a steriotype...and its a funny one too.

It's just an anime stereotype. It's not only Kame-Senin. The nosebleed is common in many anime.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whats the name of a man chicken?

Male chickens are a cocks. Large male chickens is are large cocks. Now the BIG ones, the HUGE ones are HUGE cocks. LMAO

( Ah ah aa , Ah ah aa, Ah ah a a a aaah a a, Ah a aam ah aa, AH AH AA A AAAH AAAAAAA,!!! )

A Chiken-were, were chicken , chicken there?? chicken where!?!?!?

a ****, cockrel or rooster

thats funny. A male chicken is actually a c o c k, but they bleeped it as a swear word!


Fat Fred.


Gordon Brown.

my only "man" chicken is called boab.

I walked into a whole lot of trouble?

I walked down this alleyway into a building as i walked further on i saw this chair the chair turned around to reveal a bold headed man sitting there stroking a cat. He said "well well what a surprise" i said "What!?" he then said "don't play games with me sir i know you want to torture me" I stood there confused and said "What the hell are you talking about!?" He replied "Oh games now is it!? well i sure hope you don't beat me with those canes over there" I said "i don't want to beat you i must of took a wrong turn" he started slapping his face and rubbing his nipples. His cat looked at me like a gay man in a bar and started rubbing it's nipples as well!. i ran and ran and did not stop what the hell kind of place is that!?

Its is HELL for straight people!!

I have two theories:

1. That man is retarded.

2. You are the exact image (like a doppelganger) of someone who did some nasty stuff to him.

(His cat is also perverted...and so is he).

Okay - I'll put that into one theory.

He's a retarded pervert (with a perverted cat) who thinks you look like someone who did some nasty (read: kinky) stuff to him...only he was scared...

do you usually have this kind of dreams..?? it was a dream right? if not i think you are a bit confused with your sexuality... your brain is fighting

um and old man who thinks he's at a gay bar.

i dont know!

a gay bar(:

wake up its just a dream!!

Umm...I think it's time to wake up! :)

A not so bad Irish Joke. Do you like it?

A star and/or marks 1 - 10 would be nice

An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his advice in reviving her husband's libido.

hat about trying Viagra?' asked the doctor.

'Not a chance', she said. 'He won't even take an aspirin.'

'Not a problem,' replied the doctor. 'Give him an 'Irish Viagra'. It's when you drop the Viagra tablet into his coffee. He won't even taste it.

Give it a try and call me in a week to let me know how things went.'

It wasn't a week later when she called the doctor, who directly inquired as to her progress.

The poor dear exclaimed, 'Oh, faith, bejaysus and begorrah! T'was horrid! Just terrible, doctor!'

eally? What happened?' asked the doctor.

ell, I did as you advised and slipped it in his coffee and the effect was almost immediate. He jumped straight up, with a twinkle in his eye and with his pants a-bulging fiercely! With one swoop of his arm, he sent me cups and tablecloth flying, ripped me clothes to tatters and took me then and there passionately on the tabletop! It was a nightmare, I tell you, an absolute nightmare!'

hy so terrible?' asked the doctor, 'Do you mean the sex your husband provided wasn't good?'

'Feckin jaysus, 'twas the best sex I've had in 25 years! But sure as I'm sittin here, I'll never be able to show me face in that coffee shop again!'


Makes me silently laugh in a weird disturbed way.....


funny though i guess. sorta gross at the end. It really is a "not so bad joke" as you said in the title. Not terrible, but not great either.

Ahahahahahaha that was good star for you!

funny, yet disturbing o.o

LOL sooo funny a bit gross though



alright your a star 10 out of 10

Her is one for you

guy walks into a pharmacy and says to the pharmacist,

"Listen, I have three girls coming over tonight. I've never had three girls at once,and I need something to keep me horny.. keep me potent."

The pharmacist reaches under the counter, unlocks the bottom drawer and takes out a small cardboard box marked with a label "Viagra Extra Strength" and says,

"Here, if you eat this, you'll go nuts for twelve hours."

The guy says, "Gimme three boxes."

The next day the guy walks into the same pharmacy goes up to the pharmacist and pulls down his pants.The pharmacist looks in horror as he notices the man's penis is black and blue, and the skin is hanging off in some places. The man says,

"Gimme a bottle of Deep Heat."

The pharmacist replies,

"You're not going to put Deep Heat on that are you?"

The man says,

"No, it's for my writs the girls didn't show up.

Joke! Blind man on a plane!?

A blind man is on his private jet 15000feet in the air when he suddenly detects something is wrong. He makes his way to the cockpit where he finds his pilot unconscious. He fumbles around and manages to find the radio to call for help.

"Help!" he screams. "I'm blind, my pilot is dead and the plane is flying upside down!"

"Sir, we read you," the tower replies.

"But if you're blind, how can you tell you are upside down?"

"Because," the man answers, "The sh*t is running down my back!"


heard better

not that good

har har whore.

very funny.

thats not.

Did you know my grandmother has a dog with no arms or legs?

She name him cigarette , and every morning she takes him out for a drag!


Please answer, am I funny?

I posted this video to my Myspace just a bit ago, I just want you guys to tell me your opinions of whether I should keep it up there.

No. The video is not funny. I did like the character were playing tho. And your accent.


Ollllllld Irish joke?

Lol this is an old one my dad told me a long time ago

A newly wed Irish couple are sitting in their home when the wife comes out of the bathroom with some news

"Oh Laim, I think Im pregnant" She tells her husband

"Go to the Patty Finagen across the road, her and her husband have 12 kids, thell be able to tell ya"

So his wife goes across the street and he heers a loud racket. When she gets home her clothing is torn and shes bruises


"She told me to piss in a bottle, so I says GO **** IN YER HAT!"

LOL!!!!! Here's one for you:

An Irishman named Murphy went to his doctor after a long illness. The doctor, after a lengthy examination, sighed and looked Murphy in the eye and said, "I've some bad news for you... you have cancer and it can't be cured. I'd give you two weeks to a month."

Murphy, shocked and saddened by the news, but of solid character, managed to compose himself and walk from the doctor's office into the waiting room. There he saw his son who had been waiting. Murphy said, "Son, we Irish celebrate when things are good and celebrate when things don't go so well. In this case, things aren't so well. I have cancer and I've been given a short time to live. Let's head for the pub and have a few pints."

After three or four pints the two were feeling a little less somber. There were some laughs and more beers. They were eventually approached by some of Murphy's old friends who asked what the two were celebrating. Murphy told them that the Irish celebrate the good and the bad... he went on to tell them that they were drinking to his impending end.

He told his friends, "I've only got a few weeks to live as I have been diagnosed with AIDS." The friends gave Murphy their condolences and they had a couple more beers.

After his friends left, Murphy's son leaned over and whispered, "Dad, I thought you said that you were dying from cancer. You just told your friends that you were dying from AIDS!"

Murphy said,"I am dying from cancer, son, I just don't want any of them sleeping with your mother after I'm gone."

Ha ha ha, to be shure, it's a cracker, nice one...!

Life Is Backwards.................?

The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends.

Life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death. What's that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards.

You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, spend your last nine months floating . . . then finish off as an orgasm.

Haha, you know, some of us may not actually finish off as an orgasm...

*cringes at thought*

What about the people that end up as an "Are you done yet?"

I totally agree with this. Life is hard. Loads of people work hard in their lives. And what do they get? Death. We should be enjoying the last few years of our life and have care-less, stress-free lives like we used to as kids. But we don't. We have to die old and we can't even enjoy ourselves half as much when we're old.

Yeah, I like the part about the old saggy, baggy wrinkled wife eventually turning into a sweet young innocent thing.

Now that would be regressing.

I kind of agree! That's very true! Except, we are only borrowing our body, as we will live an educational and helpful life, and then go back home when we are done.

:-) Interesting thought. And amusing.

Hahaha i'd definitely have to agree with that,


true! like benjamin button! but he dies as a baby!


how very benjamen button of you to think that way....

Well hello, Benjamin Button.

But yeah I'd have no problem with that. Maybe.

I've heard that before, haha, it is funny :)


isn't life already like that wow ur living under a rock

or at least that last part. that'd be awesome... dying during an orgasm...


Did you see Benjamin Buttons?


The Husband Store....?

A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates:

You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights. The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building!

So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first

floor the sign on the door reads:

Floor 1 - These men Have Jobs.

She is intrigued, but continues to the second floor, where the sign reads:

Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love kids

'That's nice,' she thinks, 'but I want more.' So she continues upward. The third floor sign reads:

Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking.

'Wow,' she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

She goes to the fourth floor and the sign reads:

Floor 4 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and help with housework.

'Oh, mercy me!' she exclaims, 'I can hardly stand it!'

Still, she goes to the fifth floor and the sign reads:

Floor 5 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, Help with Housework, and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.

She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor, where the sign reads:

Floor 6 - You are visitor 31,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on

this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to

please. Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.


To avoid gender bias charges, the store's owner opened a New Wives store just across the street.

The first floor has wives that love sex.

The second floor has wives that love sex and have money and like beer.

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors have never been visited.

Lmao....that was great XD

I wonder if the store's owner has ever considered opening a second hand store.

All that is needed is one floor.

There you settle for whatever is offered, as long as you get someone.

The question, Cazzie M, is this:

Did you just prove that floor six is completely true? I believe so, because you do not appear to be satisfied with the humor in it...

haha thats funny but its true we can never be satisfied.

<3 Melissa

Haha! It's funny, 'cuz it's true! :D

Great joke/jokes!!! LMAO!!

LMAO, this is so funny!

Good one!

Good one! I definitely would have stopped on the 5th floor.

lol i would have stopped at 5

lmao :))

lol ur funny

lmao that was funny

and its true we cant be pleased lmaoo


i would have stayed at the 5th floor. you can't get any better then that.


that was good.

And the question is..?

Another Joke...............?

Apple Computers announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants.

The iBreast will cost $499 to $599.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

the iBreast lmfao

that one was great XD

As if us guys didn't already have an unhealthy obsession with boobs, now they play music?

This is funny Mr. Tambourine Man! lol.

lmaf! hahaha!!!

I like your joke. lol (x2)

lol thats pretty funny

LOL. Good Night Gracie :-p

Good one!

Wow that's pretty good.

Why couldn't Bill Gate come up with that? lol

i heard that bout 4 years ago

where can i get one. ill pay a thousand for one

Which would u rather have in ur bed as an April fools prank?

Michael Jackson

a dead camel spider

uuuuuuhhhhhh michael j..j..jackson i hate spiders and michael jackson wouldn't bother me

definitely a dead camel spider. Michael Jackson is just creepy looking.

Liz S

Neither. Both are pretty dumb.

More likely put fake barf or a fake turd gag on your partners bed for April Fools

dead camel spider x OVER 9000


michael jackson's nose

Michael Jackson. He wouldn't bother me because I'm a girl.

WTF Niether one !

What is the riddle !!!!!???

***five fishes in the water three fishes drown. how many fishes are lefted?

five since fishes cant drown!!

YES FISH CAN DROWN, take them out of water and they drown in the air!

there are still 5 fish, they ones who drown don't go anywhere.

Five; the drowned fishes are still in the water.

5, fish can't drown

5 fishes cant drown

lefted??? anyways fish cant drown

3 are "left dead". lol.

Fish don't drown....5.

Five... fish can't drown

fish can't drown........

Is the glass half empty? Or is it half full?

some say half full

some say half empty

I just wanna know who keeps drinking my beer?

Liz S

It isn't half empty. It isn't half full. It is neither....








Got it? No?






The water is poisoned :D

Well. If it is half way up from the bottom, it is half full.

If it is half way down from the top, it is half empty.

that depends

quote for happily n'ever after:

munk is the kind of guy who sees the glass as hap ful, aaaaaaaaaaaaand mongo's the one who probably peed in the glass.

well if the glass was full to begin with and you drank half of it then its half empty, but if you only fill the glass half way, then its half full.

What harmonica should i get?

I have been playing music for about 8 years and i would like to move to the harp' cause I'v always been interested. But i dont know which one to get. Im into jazz and the blues like Muddy waters, Howlin wolf, BB king.

Im really looking at the Lee Oskar major diatonic in C.

but i dont know which one

thanks if you could answer my question,

You need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Key of C is a great starting point.

In addition to the Hohner models, you should get to know the Bushman Delta Frost and the Suzuki Bluesmaster.

I couldn't tell you, I don't know. You are in the Jokes section I think you need the music section.

any hohner is fine

yea c major is a good choice to start with

i like my a major hohner alot

What makes you smile?

The people around my typically average day-to-day life.

my baby cousin with his cute laughter and chubbiness cheecks! :D

my two dogs

although they can be annoying at times, they do the funniest things.

Liz S

Oh and my bf...family and friends lol :)

Is this joke at all funny?

I'm bad at making jokes so I was wondering if the following joke is funny or cute because in a way it's true:

"What do you get when you rub a horse's belly? Hoof-in-mouth"

you get 10 out of 10 for effort , sod it you can have a star because that's what you are.

Noooooooo I dont even it even makes sense read it to urself about 17 times and you will see makes noooo sense

not very funny, sorry

Liz S

i dont get it either O_o

i dont get it,,,
answer muh trucka answer!

a woodchuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck would

Chuck Norris.

how many times is this quention be asked?

ask the woodchuck plz

facebook interview heh?

idk, wood chuck chuck if a would chuck could

If i die everything does too... am i god?

doesn't matter who is going to live after because they will die evetually millinium will pass and myself beign in a bad situation will be gone forever and therefore i win. in the middle i don't have to suffer. and no one can bring me back to life once i am dead. answer me and bow to be liek i am god

everything ends ...

Wow. Blasphemy

Did you think about reincarnation? Didn't think so. I don't care if you don't believe it, but i do

I think I know you.


you need help

Has any body ever tried these chat up lines on you?

Your name must be Daisy, because I have the incredible urge to plant you right here!

2. Roses are red, violets are blue, I like spaghetti, let's go ****.

3. Your body's name must be Visa, because it's everywhere I want to be.

4. Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?

5. I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your bed rock.

6. I may not be the best looking guy here, but I'm the only one talking to you.

7. That shirt looks very becoming on you, but if I were on you I'd be coming, too.

8. I'd like to screw your brains out, but it appears that someone beat me to it.

9. If you were a new hamburger at McDonald's, you would be McGorgeous.

10. I'm a bird watcher and I'm looking for a Big-Breasted Bed Thrasher, have you seen one?

11. Wanna play house? You be the front door and I'll bang you all night long.

12. If you're going to regret this in the morning, we can sleep until the afternoon.

13. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that was a Braille nametag.

14. If you were a car, I would wax you and ride you all over town.

15. Excuse me, do you wanna ****, or should I apologize.

16. You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.

17. Hi, I'm a necrophiliac, how good are you at playing dead?

18. You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.

19. You be the tree, and I'll wrap you like a Koala.

20. Hi my name is __MarkJ_____. Remember it, cause you'll be screaming it all night long.

21. I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went into this cheap B&B.

Ahh the flash backs!

Blatantly weren't successful mind.

The best chat up line i've ever had has to be..

Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?


Yes - Number 5.

It was 11 years ago and a lad said it to me in a nightclub. It was the first time I'd ever heard it. It did make me smile and made me stay and chat to him but it wasn't enough to get me into bed!!!!

Too funny, i have not heard any of those. How about this one: Are you tirede? Because you been running through my mind all day LOL.

i would get seriously insulted if someone talked to me like that

Wow. Nope.

But I love 2 and how random it is

lol at 11

but some crazy dude who thought I was 18 when i'm only 13 said number 5 to me, I was like WTF?!?! lol

lol 7.

my ex said it to me once. lol

got a few more 4 ya

1 is dat a mirror in ur poket?cos i can really c myself in ur pants l8r

2 {lick ur finger an dab it on her shirt}..lets get u out of those wet clothes

3 if u were my hmework id do ya

4 what does a polar bear do?i dnt no but it breaks the ice

a good way to get a hit in the face you know that none of these Dudes chatlines actually work do you !

well they're funny and thats so they're ok for using in the movies but in real life you would be treated like a jerk for saying them !

Really funny!? 10 pts for best!?

K 4 guys are in the elevator,the elevator's door open and a woman enter in.She stand in front of the 4 guys.Suddenly some farting sounds just heard and all the guys stare at her.The woman was not looking at them.Then she took out his cell phone and answered.

What do u think the farting sound was from and why?

-The woman.

-The guys

-The cellphone

cellphone..that was her ringtone..

saw the vid on youtube..

it can be the cellphone or the woman but since you said sound instead of smell ( as sound of a real fart is not alays loud) then i would say it is the cellphone (the mobile's ringtone)

its either the cellphone or the woman... but i think its the woman, she just "answer" her phone so that the guys think it was her ringtone :D

That was the ring tone of her cellphone!!!.

cellphone thats it

ha? ok the woman.. so it wouldn't be obvious.. I've seen this trick in a movie!!

Can any of you guys answer this?

I am sometimes strong

and sometimes weak,

But I am nobody fool.

For there is no language that I can speak,

Though I never went to school.

an echo!!

You never had an Education.

I guess it is education


Riddle this.......(Easy) ?

It belongs to you. Yet everyone else uses it more then you ! What am I talking about ?? Cmon its easyyy XP

Your name.,

My name also my phone number!!!.

Lets see Windows XP

Your name!

your name

well i think it what ever you have could be car,name,dress,shoes,cd,dvd etc

well everyone seems to be saying 'your name'............so well i think you know my answer:)



Riddle....What Part Of A Fish Weights The Most...?


first person to answer right

gets best answer


The Scales!!!.

The scales


its head

scales...darn it! >:0

Riddle....What Is White When Dirty And Black When Clean...?


first person to answer right

get best answer

Chalk Board ..

black chalk board,

black shoes,

and micheal jackson ;p lol!!!!

i hope i get it right please give me the 10 points!! because my favorite color is white!

A Black Board!!!.

a black cat that rolls around in baby powder o.O

a black board

a mixed up zebra

it is blackboard what you think da

a marker board

a sock from opposite world

Riddle: 7 birds and a hunter?

If there are 7 birds on a tree, and a hunter has one of the best sniper rifles in the world, he aims at one of the birds on the tree. He uses his lenses, pulls the trigger and kills the bird.

How many birds are left on the tree??

0 they all fly away at the sound of the gunshot

None, because the birds fly away!

Does anyone have metaphore for spring?

ik its the wrong category

Srpring is a magic elixir that turns the snow into grass.

Why can't you just say spring?

Third Time lucky on the clean front (irish may be offended)?

Taking a wee break from the golf course, Tiger Woods drives his new Mercedes into an Irish gas station. An attendant greets him in typical Irish manner, unaware who the golf pro is...

"Top o' the mornin to ya".

As Tiger gets out of the car, two tees fall out of his pocket.

"So what are those things, laddie?" asks the attendant.

"They're called tees," replies Tiger.

"And what would ya be usin 'em for, now?" inquires the Irishman.

"Well, they're for resting my balls on when I drive," replies Tiger.

"Aw, Jaysus, Mary an' Joseph!" exclaimes the Irish attendant.

"Those fellas at Mercedes think of everything...

Ha Haa, great one.

Im Irish and I accually find it funny but you should know we don't say "Top o' the mornin to ya" nor do we call people "laddie?" I dont think iv ever used that word in my life.....

Ireland is actually probably one of the most advanced and best countries in the EU so we do actually know things like who Tiger Woods is??????????

Otherwise it was an alrite joke.....

Nothing special but whatever....


Genious, pure genious!!!

LMFAO! Ahaha, keep em coming ;]

No offense taken ( Im Irish btw ) , but it would take more than golf tees to rest my rocks on ,

Oh wow. Haha

LOL this is a good one?

So me and my friend have a power point presentation due for our 10th grade math class and its due on april fools day.. we decided to put in the middle of the presentation the exorcist girl pop up and scream..because the lights will be off, surround sound will be on, and its full screen, and its april fools.. should we go through with it or is it too much?

Haha I think it's funny.. maybe to keep the teacher off your back right after the girl pops up have a slide that says something to the effect of "just making sure you guys are paying attention"..

Please film this and put it on youtube!!!!


it depends on your teacher

if he or she is really mean and strict, and he/she would yell his/ her face off at you, then don't do it

but most teachers are nice and would let you do it and i think it'd be a good reliever for a presentation--when it gets serious and such

but it's math

the exorcist chick is always better than boring math


I think that would be hilarious, but it just depends on what kind of teacher you have, but if she has some kind of sense of humor, I would go on with it, good one!

do it do it, and you should have someone to film their reactions and then put it on youtube, that would be awesome!!!

is the teacher a *****? then no!!

is the teahcer a funny teacher'? then yes

if shes a mix ??? she will understand it was A:F days, laught and thats it

dude ahahahaha thats so funny your teacher will get pissed but do it man hahaha

i think its too much.

but hahaaa that would be funny.

Do it!! sounds fun. ^_^

haha i think you should do it, it would be hilarious!!!


Have you ever gone hunting?

Jerry has never gone hunting while Joe has hunted all his life. When they

get to the northern Wisconsin woods, Joe tells Jerry to sit by a tree and

not make a sound while Joe checks out a deer stand.

After he gets about a quarter of a mile away, Joe hears a blood-curdling

scream. He rushes back to Jerry and yells, "I thought I told you to be


Jerry says, "Hey, I tried. I really did. When those snakes crawled over me,

I didn't make a sound. When that bear was breathing down my neck, I didn't

make a peep. But when those two chipmunks crawled up my pants leg and said,

'Should we take them with us or eat them here?' I couldn't keep quiet any