Tuesday, March 31, 2009


he is a an undercover hitman who knos both ninjutsu and israeli material arts, and also assasinates all evil for the Catholic Faith. He does this because he comes from the Vatican, and works for the Pope.

He is a combination of Batman and Van Helsing, Batman because he's mysterious, wear a suit, has high tech gadgets, and has a secret identidy. On the Van Helsing side however, he is very religious (Roman Catholic), and will do anything for his Faith no matter what. He has studied Theology, Philosophy, Humanities, Several Languages: Italian, French, Filipinno, Spanish, Latin, Portugese, Mandarin, Japanese, German, and Swiss. His main language is English because he was orginally from America. He was sent to the Swiss Military and was witnessed by a Cardinal. Once witnesed, he was asked to work for the Vatican, and he said yes. His main job is that he is the Chairman of a charity organization. but he gets a free home within the vatican since he works for them at night, lol! so hes rich lol! so wat should his superhero name be? jw.


Like the Holy Spirit in one of its forms.

Haha I know its tacky but just a thought.

Well, just use your imagination! :D

captain goodluckwiththat.

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