Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow!! Lindsay Lohan got 14 dyas for breaking the law..?

.. previously was in jail for 14 minutes for also breaking the rules. Well, what can I say, that will certainly teach her a lesson.

Is it any wonder this country is so screwed up.. what kind of justice system does not uphold its own laws.

Gee, I wonder what she would get for murder.. 2 , 3 days tops. Must be nice to be famous in the U.S. OF A.. No wonder the world laughs at us.
Celebrity Justice. This unkept drug addict who happened to appear in movie, Gets

a 2 week to less vacation for violations of court orders which would get the average

crack whore 2 years. Got love the Hollywood justice system.
just so u know......its 40
Well she

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