Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Inception why are they afraid to die and go to limbo (during fischers dream) if they can just kill themselv?

in inception why are they afraid to die in fischers dream im they can kill themselves in limbo and return to reality anyway!

in the movie if you kill youself in limbo you return to the real world.... but then why are they afraid to die in fischers dream?
If you die and are sent to limbo then it would be as if you just woke up from a dream. That would make it very easy for the person who died to confuse limbo for the real world. This happened to Mal when she was there with Cobb and it also happened to Saito when he was killed. The danger of going to limbo is that you might mistake it for reality and thus spend an eternity there. Thankfully Cobb kept his senses about him and was able to save Mal from Limbo and remind Saito that he was in Limbo so that he could kill himself to escape back to reality.
I had the same question! I figured it would just have been easier to drag everyone back down to limbo and shoot themselves after they finished the job but my boyfriend disagreed.
Ya even I have the same doubt but......

Hey just kidding! I haven

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