Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you could turn back the days and years would you do it now ?

or do you live this time...
I would go back 26 years and change just one thing
live this time
Id go back to 1986, but I must know then what I know now, dya get me luv?
I wish I could but I am thinking I should do the things I said I would then now
i wouldnt be me and i wouldnt have what ive got ,so no, i live this time
No way wuld I want to go thru wit all dat stuff I went thru again heck no so I guess live this time I cant go bak to my past no ways
Heck no!
live this time. cant imagine going back thru all that again or living without my son!
Yes, go back to 1980 and re-live the 80

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